A sweet country apartment

So I have the best mother in the whole world.  I know that a lot of people will fight me on this, but it is true.  My sister and I have been fighting for years to try and get her to live with us when she retires.  Well, she finally retired and my sister won the fight.  My sister and brother-in-law have an apartment attached to their house and my mama moved in a few weeks ago.  My beloved husband put me on a plane for five days to help her decorate and set up the new place.  I want to preface the post by saying that my sister, who is also the best sister in the whole world, did the most work in getting the apartment "after" ready.  She patched holes and sanded and painted the walls.  She built a closet in my mom's bedroom.  She ripped out the kitchen and replaced it with a new one.  She worked steady for weeks.  I only photographed a few rooms before and after because the kitchen wasn't quite finished yet.  The dishwasher still needed to be installed. The other thing about the small "make-over" is that we used everything that my mom already owned.  The only piece that we bought was the small bench beside the door because it was perfect for that space.

Before living room:

After living room:

The living room is small.  The second window you see in the first shot in actually where the dining room is.  Oh but it is my new happy place.  I spent every morning on that couch sipping coffee and it is so cosy and dreamy.  The fireplace is actually the only heat source for the apartment.  Which I think is magical.  The apartment fulfills all my fantasies of living in a tiny, charming, country apartment full of quirks.  The home is full of light, and has lovely airflow.

I didn't get a tonne of before pics but all the walls looked like the before shot of the living room.  Here is the entry way after all the work my sister did repairing walls and painting, and then hanging everything up.


The natural light in her house is amazing.  We found this bench, the only thing we bought, in Bobcaygeon at an amazing vintage store.  It was perfect.  We wanted a spot where people could put their shoes on while also being tall enough to put shoes under the bench.  The top even flips up so mom can put gloves, and hats in it.  We found it at Good Pickin's.  When we saw it the heavens opened up and there was singing.  Also, FYI, if you are ever near Bobcaygeon their home decor stores are on point.  

Along the back part of the main floor is a long wall that isn't really connected to anything and isn't really usable.  We placed a long bench, which my mom needs when all her grandbabies come over for a meal, along the wall.  


Also along the back side of the kitchen there was an empty wall next to the bathroom.  It is the perfect size for my mom's red cupboard that I have coveted since I left my mom's house.  She keeps telling me 'No' but I keep asking.  I love the way it looks in my mom's new house because it is a perfect piece for a country home.  It doesn't hurt that my beloved Nana's picture is on top.  And yes she was and is the best Nana that anyone could possibly have in the world.  I am sorry folks, but I come from a family of incredible women.


My mom's bedroom is under the eaves up a set of tall, narrow stairs.  I know that tall, narrow stairs aren't everyone's cup of tea but I love them.  It fulfills all my character desires in a house.  The stairs were the one thing my sister didn't have time to get to before I got there.  They were in pretty rough shape when I started with them. This before pic is after my mom scrubbed them with a magic eraser. 




I love the way they turned out.  More importantly, my mom loves the way they turned out.  The nice thing about the stairs is that they were in really rough shape, which means we could hardly make them worse.  The risers aren't wood but particle board and everything was uneven.  Which, again, I think is absolutely charming. So we painted everything white, filled the gaps in with caulk, and then did a stencil on the risers.  My mom loves indigo blue, and while the stencils aren't perfect they are perfect for these stairs.  I think it brings out the charm of the imperfections of the stairs themselves.  The stairs cost us $70.00.

Just to show the difference between not caulking and caulking I want to show you a before and after shot of just that one step.


Here they are after one coat of paint.

And here they are after caulking.  They still need another coat of paint, but isn't that a big difference?

The last couple of pictures are of my mom's dressing area in her bedroom.  She has a small fireplace in her room, which will heat her upstairs bedroom in the winter time.

And here is her bedroom mirror, under the eaves, with her laundry basket beside it.

This apartment may be my new favourite place in the world.  The light, the charm, and the most wonderful woman in the world.  It is also one of my favourite types of "makeovers"  using almost exclusively what she already owned and just putting things in the best place.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I enjoy the home.


  1. Wow this is beautiful and also such a gift for your mom. Something I hope my parents decide to do with us one day. I love the way you reclaimed this space.

    1. Thanks Lisa! I know my sister and brother-in-law are over the moon that she is living next to them. Not to mention my nieces and nephews.

  2. awesome work...you really have pizzazz...what a gift God has given you...tfs <((><


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