I have always been passionate about interior design. I strongly believe that you can have a beautiful, welcoming home no matter what stage of life you are in or what budget you have. Often we think that we need to rip out walls, throw out everything we own, and spend thousands of dollars in order to have the home of our dreams. However, you can make a big impact on your home just by rethinking what you own, making some styling changes, and adding some paint. My dream for Reclaiming Home is to make interior design available to everyone, whether you are in your forever home or you're in your first apartment. I discover what your needs and wants are, and I create a space that works just for you.

Reclaim a Room:
This is one of my very favourite things to do. Often we think we need to buy a lot of new things in order to turn our house into a home. However, often the problem is not knowing how to use your things you already own to the best of their abilities.  Reclaim a Room transforms your space using the things you already own. This only takes one day and makes such a difference in your home.  This is what is included in Reclaim a Room:
- Rearrange the floor plan to optimize flow, and beauty
-Organize your things in a way that makes your room function the best.
-Style and decorate the space using what you own, making the room beautiful and feeling brand new.
-Occasionally during a Reclaim a Room there will be an item or two that will really finish off a space. If it is the client’s desire we can also shop during this time together and find items that will complete the space. 

This takes anywhere from a 3-6 hours.  It is $150.00+ depending on the size, and scale of the project.

Here are some examples of room redesigns.
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Design Package A:
This option is perfect if you are stuck on a space and want to do the work yourself but need direction and a plan to get started. I will come to your house for a one hour consult. During that time I ask you questions about your needs, wants, style, and budget. We also survey what you already own to see what could be used in the design plan. Then I measure the room and the items we want to include. I take all of that information and create a personal design plan for you. The design plan includes a mood board, a to-scale floor plan, a written design plan, and a list of sources for any new items needed for your room. This is a great jumping off point for the homeowner who wants to participate in the process, and loves styling on their own. This takes two to three weeks to deliver.  $250.00

Design Package B: 
This option includes all of Package A and adds a final styling session. After you have been given your design plan, have sorted through what you own, and have purchased what you need, I come back to do the finishing styling touches. Oftentimes it is just moving things a few inches to the right or left that can make all the difference. This session also includes me hanging shelves, curtains, and pictures, if needed. Depending on the size of your room, this can take between three and five hours. 

Here are some examples of Package B:
Example 1
Example 2

Design Package C:
This is the full service option that recognizes that some people do not have the time or skills to complete a project. This includes everything in Package B, plus all of the work needed to complete the project. This could include DIY projects on furniture, shopping, putting together IKEA furniture, etc. The number of hours needed for each room will depend on the size and scope of your project and will be discussed at the initial consult.

Here are some examples of Package C:
Example 1
Example 2

Design Packages A and B can also be done virtually, using pictures and video calls. Using technology, we can transform your room.

Consultation/Small Projects:
Do you have design or styling questions in your home, but don't need a full design plan? Reclaiming Home does in-person or virtual consults for your styling challenges. We can work through any questions you have, from paint colour to where to put your furniture to what to put on your walls. Do you want a gallery wall hung, or your mantle or bookcase styled? These are projects that often do not take much time but can feel outside your wheelhouse. Reclaiming Home can come to you and help with your small projects. $50/hour. This can also be done virtually.